My Desk Setup Tour

A look at my desk setup. Below are links to the equipment I’m showing in the video. Let me know if you have any questions. Product Links: Blue Yeti Mircophon…

iMovie 10 Quick Tip – Rotating a Video Clip

This quick tip explains how to rotate a video clip in iMovie 10.


1) Select the video clip(s) you want to rotate.

2) Then, click on the “‘Adjust” button in the upper righthand corner of the screen.

3) In the toolbar below you will see a series of options. Click on the icons on the right side of the option box. The left rotate button turns the clip 90 degrees clockwise and the right rotate button turns the clip 90 degrees clockwise.

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How To Make A Street/Freeway Hyperlapse

This Tutorial shows you how to make a street/freeway hyperlapse using a few tools and a free app.

Link to iMotion HD App:

Demo Reel:



What is a Hyperlapse?: A hyperlapse is basically a timelapse that is moving

What tools do I need to make one?: An iPhone or an iPod Touch, a car mount, and a free app called iMotion HD.


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